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If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

Happy Memorial Day from the Office of Rep. Rayner-Goolsby! Today is dedicated to remembering those who have served our country. To anyone who has lost a loved one or is serving, we are honoring you.

Thank you for your outpouring of love and kindness. I promise I will response to each note, text and call, flowers, food and act of love. But know I and my family see them and are holding them all close to our hearts.

I am devastated but determined to honor my mommy, because it is only ...right.

For those who have asked the arrangements are as follows:

May 26, 2023:
Omega Omega- 5:00pm-6:00pm

Public Viewing: 6:15pm- 7:30pm

Location: Mt Zion UMC 2751 Sunset Point Rd, Clearwater, Fl 33759

May 27, 2023
Celebration of Life:
Location: Mt. Zion United Methodist Church- 2751 Sunset Point Rd, Clearwater, Fl 33759

If you are a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc we are requesting you wear red at the funeral service.

Flowers and Resolutions:
Please send by 5/26/2023 to Smith-Young's Funeral Home, Inc. 1005 Howard Street Clearwater, Fl 33756.

Love y’all ♥️♥️

It is with deep sorrow and yet, immense joy because of the promise, that I share that my beloved mother, my whole world, my Soror, my personal intercessor, the person that loved me the most, taught me how to seek justice and pursuit it- My Mommy transitioned to from her earthly home and has now ...joined the great cloud of witnesses that guide and walk with us.

My mommy persevered through the injustices of the Jim Crow south to integrate the University of South Florida and become one of the first Black social workers in Pinellas County. She is Black history and excellence. Her legacy is unmatched.

My mommy and I were just alike-even more than I would care to admit 🤣🤣. She was my person. She was the one I’d go to for everything- even when she fussed me out. She is the person that believed the best of me. She imparted so much-especially her faith. My mommy was such a woman of faith that as she transitioned she was ready and knew she going to be with Jesus. We should all be so sure and settled.

I am honored to have been with her as she took her last breath on this side of heaven. I am going to miss her calling me “Mommy” or “Pretty Pretty”. I know death is not the end. I will see my beloved again. I love you deep, Mommy. ♥️♥️

This weekend I was honored to receive @equalityfl’s 2023 Voice of Equality Award. It is an honor, everyday, to serve the people and hopefully make the road easier for all us. Everything I do- is for the goal of liberation. Not accolades or recognition- but help our people get free. ❤️✨
However, what made this weekend even more special is that so many of my blood family and chosen family showed up for me and celebrated me. **Fun fact about me- I really don’t allow people show up for me. My people know to just do it. I’m working on that in therapy 🤣😩**

So to be given my flowers and have my dear friend Dr. David Johns, literally fly to St. Pete just to present the award, to be with my incredible wife and amazing family and chosen family- gave me what I need. I’m grateful for the the amazing family and chosen family who couldn’t make it but called, checked in, took me to long lunches. Y’all feed my spirit so good. Love y’all, deep. ♥️

For all the mothers and the mothers-at-heart, if you’ve lost a child, lost a mother, or are yearning to be a mother, we are thinking of you today and every day.

Team Rayner-Goolsby is out in the district for the National Association of Letter Carriers’s annual #StompOutHunger event.

Big thanks to Joe, the local NALC President, and the St. Pete Free Clinic for making it happen!

ALL OF THIS!! And I’m done talking about it. Love y’all for real! 🫶🏾🫶🏾

Repost from @annaforflorida

The internet is a beautiful thing, but it’s also a complete cesspool of misinformation & disinformation. 😵‍💫

Please don’t fall for it and ...ask if you’re not sure of something, especially if it involves Florida. I’ve seen way too many things get spinned and dramatized — often by folks who don’t have the best intentions and intentionally mislead for clout and/or political gain.

I also want to remind folks that *many* Republicans voted no on some of the most awful and disgusting bills, and that is 100% due to YOUR advocacy, your phone calls and efforts to hold even the most unlikely politicians accountable. Every bad bill that attacked marginalized communities had BIPARTISAN opposition with Democrats holding the line. The only really bad bill that had Democrats break away was on vouchers (which is definitely concerning but part of a much bigger challenge) and then of course we struggle on stopping corporate tax issues (which I am working on getting more Democrats on board with).

Keep up the faith and fight and also take care of yourself, cause we need folks in this work longterm! Much love to everyone who asked about this and I’ll link to this article in our IG story too. 🫶🏽

The Governor has signed a new abortion ban bill. See how this differs from last year's 15-week ban. 
Note: This bill will not go into effect until the Florida Supreme Court rules on a challenge against the existing ban. For more resources:
- Local abortion funds, go ( or see them @abortionfunds. 
- How to navigate which clinics are legitimate in your area, go to (
- What "crisis pregnancy centers" are, go to (

Small businesses in southern St. Petersburg — the City is accepting grant applications for $1.35 million of funding. Apply between May 9 and May 31.

Check out the article for more info in our linktree: