Meet Michele

Michele Rayner made history in Florida — and she’s just getting started.

Civil rights and social justice attorney Michele Rayner made history in 2020 when she was elected as the first openly queer Black member of the Florida legislature and immediately established herself as one of the strongest advocates for underserved communities. In her first term, Rep. Rayner has brought back resources to communities in the Tampa Bay Area by making legislative alliances across the aisle while challenging the Governor and her colleagues in the Florida Legislature. Now, she’s ready to do more for her constituents by bringing their fight back to Tallahassee. 

Michele was raised by a family of changemakers in Pinellas County. Her parents both integrated the University of South Florida in the early 1960s, with her mother going on to become one of the first Black social workers in St. Petersburg and her father successfully putting himself through engineering school while working in a warehouse. Her parents established themselves as community leaders and set an example for Michele with their dedication to service.

After law school, Michele joined the Hillsborough County Public Defender’s office, a position she was drawn to because she felt it was where she could do the most good for the most vulnerable in her community. While serving as a public defender, she learned the importance of truly listening to and steadfastly advocating for clients who have limited agency.

Michele was called to ensure justice again when she became an attorney for Markeis McGlockton’s family, working alongside civil rights attorney Ben Crump. Markeis was shot and killed in an altercation in a Clearwater parking lot, reigniting the debate over Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law 6 years after the death of Trayvon Martin. During the 2019 trial, the killer was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 20 years in prison. The experience made it clear to Michele that running for the legislature could help her do more to fight unjust laws like Stand Your Ground and prevent future tragedies from occurring.

Growing up, Michele’s father always told her: “Help others, do the right thing and most of all, always keep your head up high.” To this day, Michele keeps her head up and will continue to do so as a leader for her constituents, ensuring an equitable recovery from COVID, protecting voting rights, and demanding real justice for underserved communities.

Michele currently lives in St. Petersburg with her wife Bianca and their dogs.

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Michele is running a grassroots, people-powered campaign. Make a contribution to her campaign today! If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

Today, over 200 people traveled from across the state to oppose the harmful bills proposed this legislative session. I stood along these Floridians, my colleagues, and Equality Florida to call for an end of the continued, harmful attacks on our LGBTQ community. ...

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Stay up to date with us as Rep. Rayner-Goolsby attends committee meetings for the week. All committee meetings will be available live on ...

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Join us at 5pm today as we discuss HB 999 and its likely impact on culturally specific groups on our Florida campuses. ...

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During this week’s State Affairs Committee, I introduced an amendment to HB 627 that would have required landlords to provide pregnant tenants or those with children under 18, a three month warning before requiring them to vacate after a terminated lease. This is a critical addition that could help prevent additional childhood homelessness. ...

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Our bill HB 591: Social Media Protections for Minors passed the House Regulatory Reform committee today!!
Thank you Rep. Sirois for your partnership and my colleagues for your favorable support.

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